An Eventful Week for Kanye West, Sneakers, New Music, Tour Kicks Off, Unreleased Music Emerges

Yezzus Fans…

Jonathan Serrano

Kanye West has had an eventful past week. After severing ties with Nike, Nike finally releases the hotly anticipated Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’ on the 9th. I am glad to say I got a pair The shoes sold out in 10 minutes on Nike’s official website. The original retail price was $245, but as soon as they the secondary market, the resell prices skyrocketed. Most pairs are at auction and have sold for no less than $4,000. A nice profit to be made off of Yeezy.

Thurday night on the 13th, he kicked off the first stop on the second leg of his Yeezus tour. He opened up at Byrce Jordan Center in Penn State. This time around on tour, he does not have the opening act of Kendrick Lamar. In usual Yeezy fashion, he goes off on a rant as only Kanye can. He targets radio personalities Sway…

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