How To Ace An Online Class

I took an online class over Winter Break this school year. I took a Political Science class titled American Politics also known as PSC 001. The course is usually taught over the course of three months but I completed the course in just 20 days. I am going to tell you the top three things you need to do in order to successfully complete an online course.

  1. Order Materials Early

An online class is not like a traditional class where you can wait to see if you actually need the textbook or not. Most online classes are strictly reading and writing based. Since the teacher isn’t physically there to teach you the material from your book you have to do a lot of reading and interpreting on your own. Therefore you need to order any materials early because most, if not all of your assignments are going to be derived from your textbook. I don’t know if this is common for most schools, but I was able to access my online class assignments two days before the online class officially begun. So if you have your materials early, you could get a head start on your work. If you are in a rush to get your textbook quickly sign up for Amazon Student and get your textbook sent over night for FREE! Be careful, because after the free trial is over Amazon will begin to automatically charge the credit card on file.

2. Do Not Procrastinate

Since it is an online class everything you submit comes with a time stamp. Another thing to remember is that your instructor has the power to take the materials off line exactly when they say it is due. My professor would take every assignment off line at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time whenever the class had an assignment due. Most professors who teach online classes are up to hear excuses which eventually boil down to the fact that you procrastinated.

3.Do Not Do A Half-Ass Job

Just because it’s an online class doesn’t mean that you do not have to put in the same amount of effort you would for a traditional class. It’s still a class with graded assignments with a teacher looking for quality work. Because the class is so condensed you have assignments more frequently with lower point values compared to a traditional three-month course.  Since your assignments are of a lower point value every point counts! A few points can literally be the difference between two different letter grades.

Classes are expensive so even though slacking off maybe very alluring, because you aren’t in a traditional classroom setting remember how much that class cost. My online class cost $3,226.00. That is a nice chunk of change. You could only imagine how many other things you could do with that money other then pay for an online class. You don’t pay anyone to fail you. If you pay for your online class and fail you just handed your school free money.

If you follow my tips you are sure to ace your online class.

– Ariana

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