Why You Should Lock Your Door…

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Hofstra, like many other universities have a policy about keeping your door propped opened.  At Hofstra University dormitory doors lock automatically. As soon as the door closes there is no way to re-enter that room without the correct key.

In addition to an automatic locking door each door has a dead bolt lock. Many students use this dead bolt lock to keep their door open when they are taking short trips to the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room so that they don’t have to go through the process of pulling out their key to open the door.

My neighbors have a bad habit of keeping their door unlocked. They get yelled at by the Resident Assistants all the time, because Hofstra’s policies strictly prohibit any resident from propping their door.

When your door is propped you have no clue who is going to come in your room. People could also steal from you if you prop your door open while no one is in your room. It’s a danger to have your door propped open.


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