He is Just Not That Into You

How Can You Tell That He's Just Not Into You

He is Just Not That Into You

We have all had a major  crush on a guy who has not liked us back. We refused to believe that they didn’t like us so we tried harder to maintain their attention. Some girls even try  to change who they are in order to make themselves more desirable to the person who they are trying to be with. Then there are others who are straight up crazy and believe that they are in a relationship with a man despite the fact that he will not give her the time of day.

Let me tell you a few things to save you a lot of time and heartbreak. You cannot make someone like you. You cannot make someone fall in love with you. You cannot change a person and you cannot change yourself in order to make someone like you. Not too sure if he is into you or not? Just Keep reading…

  1.  He never has time for you. The “I’m so busy.”

I’m a firm believer that people make time for what they believe is important. If he is always too busy for you then he doesn’t deem your relationship as something worthy of his time. No one is so busy that they can never make time for their significant other.

2. You talk to his friends more than you talk to him.

If he doesn’t have time to hang out with you the only other logical explanation is that his time is being spent  hanging out with his family, friends, or at work. If you are able to get in contact and talk with his friends more than you are able to talk to him then he is ignoring you on purpose.

3.You always buy him things and let him drive your car.

If you always buy him things and let him drive your car that is your fault. Please do not convince yourself that you are being generous, because you are not. You are simply buying his time and affection.  Do better baby, do better. Your significant other should be slow to take.

4. You are a rebound

If he just got out of a relationship 2 days ago, and he is contacting you telling you how pretty you are chances are you are a rebound. I’m not saying that you aren’t gorgeous, but please believe that he doesn’t have your best intentions at heart.

5. You never met his friends or family.

If you never met his friends or family then you are temporary or he is embarrassed by your behaviors or reputation.  Boys are very careful about who they introduce to their mother, because they want to make her proud. They will not bring someone around their mother unless they see a future in tomorrow.

6. You are not friends on social media

If your boo will not allow you to follow him on Twitter, be his friend on Facebook, follow him on Instagram, or be his Best friend on SnapChat then he has something to hide or he is trying to hide you. If you post a picture of you and him on a social networking site and he tells you to take it down it’s because he doesn’t want people to see you together.

7. He is still “Good Friends” with his ex.

If he is still “good friends” with his ex he still has feelings for her. If they get along so well then why did they break up?

8. You cannot be seen in public together

If you cannot be seen in public together he is either embarrassed by you or trying to hide you from his friends and family.

9.You do not know his real name

If you only know him by his rap name or his street name he’s not into you. He doesn’t want you to know his real name, because he doesn’t want you to look him up on social networking sites and he wants to control when and how you interact.

If you can identify with any of the things listed above he just isn’t that into you. Cut your loses now and move on. Find someone out there who truly cares and likes you for who you are. Only you can be the best you. Don’t cut yourself short of other possible suitors chasing after someone who isn’t worried about you. Why change who you are when someone out their is falling in love with your smile?


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