Bro, She Just Isn’t Into You


Bro, She Just Isn’t Into You

After a good friend of mine read one of my latest blog post,He is Just Not That Into You, she said and I quote, “I feel like you should write a post about guys wanting more than what you are willing to give them.”

Here we go guys! I am going to save you a lot of time and heartbreak, because we all know that boys are just as emotional as girls. So, I am going to give you a spiel similar to one that I gave the ladies.

You cannot make someone like you. You cannot make someone fall in love with you. You cannot change a person and you cannot change yourself in order to make someone like you. I am going to provide you with a few red flags that you should beware of that mostly likely indicate that she just isn’t that into you. You should pay attention, because my female perspective might just change the success of your love life.

1. Not Every Girl Likes You

Boys I understand that you have this ego thing going on and it is just so hard to believe that a girl could not have feelings for someone like you. Well believe it, she doesn’t like you. Take your loss and keep it moving like a real G.

One time I had a boy say to me, “How could you not like me? I’m cute and smart.”

I couldn’t believe his cockiness. I was in shock, because he was dead serious. I was also a bit insulted, because he assumed that only  those two qualities would cause me to fall head-over-heels for him, as if I did not have other standards for the men I choose to date.    I would also like to share with you that we were on a college campus at the time this statement was made, where there are plenty of cute and intelligent young men.

Be someone who you would want to date. When you look for a girlfriend do you stop at cute and intelligent? Probably not.

2. You Always Text Her First

If you ALWAYS text her first then she isn’t that interested in talking to you. It’s as simple as that. If she wanted to talk to you she would reach out to you just as much as you are reaching out to her. If you ALWAYS contact her first it usually means that you think about her more frequently than she thinks about you. I’m not saying do not be confident. I am also not saying to not go after who you want. If you want to talk to her, by all means contact her.I just believe that this is something you should be conscience of, because she may not be contacting you first for a reason.

3. I Anit Saying She a Gold-digger, but…

If she is always asking you to do things for her and you always do them then that is your fault. Please do not convince yourself that you are being generous or getting on her good side, because you are not. You are simply buying her time and affection. Do better baby. Remember a relationship should not be one sided.

4. She Doesn’t Make Time For You

If she doesn’t make time for you then she just isn’t that into you.  I’m a firm believer that people make time for what they believe is important. If she is always too busy for you then she doesn’t deem your relationship as something worthy of her time. No one is so busy that they can never make time for their significant other.

5. She Has a Boyfriend 

If she has a boyfriend then why are you trying to pursue her? You are putting yourself in a position that you most likely do not want to be in. If she has a boy LEAVE HER ALONE.

6. You are Not Friends on Social Media

If your boo will not allow you to follow her on Twitter, be her friend on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, or be her Best friend on SnapChat then she has something to hide or she is trying to hide you.

7. She is still “Good Friends” with her ex.

If she is still “good friends” with her ex she still has feelings for him. If they get along so well then why did they break up?

8. She Tells You She’s Not Into You

If she tells you that she is not into you, then she is not into you. Maya Angelou has an awesome quote that reads, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” If she is telling you how she really feels don’t dismiss it or belittle it. Take it for what it is and move forward from there.

9.She Loves The Crew

If she has dated the majority of your friends then she is a crew lover. This term is used to describe one girl who had dated a group of friends also known as a crew. She is nasty and so are you. Have some standards. Why do you want to date someone who kissed your best friend?

If you can identify with any of the things listed above she just isn’t that into you, bro. Cut your losses now and move on. Find someone out there who truly cares and likes you for who you are. You are a great guy, which means there is a great girl out there for you.


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8 thoughts on “Bro, She Just Isn’t Into You

  1. Great post! I definitely can relate to some of these tips. When a woman is not interested there is nothing a man can do to change her mind.

  2. lol good article! But I sort of disagree with #2. I personally will not text a guy first especially during the initial dating stage just because I feel that the man should reach out if HE is interested. But I do hear what you are saying and agree overall!

    • I have a lot of friends who feel the same way as you. I completely understand your perspective and sometimes the difference of perspective is as simple as a cultural or generational difference. Thank you so much for reading!

    • I know some people who are able to befriend their exes. I am not friends with anyone that I used to be in a romantic relationship with and I do not particularly understand how to maintain a relationship of that nature. I’m so happy you could relate!

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