The Pinocchio Effect: Why Lie?


Pinocchio Effect: Lying Raises Temperature of Nose

There are three sides to every story. Do you believe me or are you dismissing what I am saying as some type of crazy babble?

Three sides to every story because each of the two active participants have their version of the story and then there are the indisputable  facts.

The facts are usually lost in almost every story. The rapper Drake said it best, “Everybody talks and everybody listens but somehow the truth always comes up missing.”

The participants involved in any particular situation are going to describe the story based on their personal perspective. Certain parts of the story are going to be emphasized more than others, certain emotions are going to be aroused, and specific parts of the story are going to be left untold. None of these three are usually done on purpose. These things are simply going to root themselves in various versions of the truth and organically sprout according to each of the participants take of events.

So my question to you is: Why Lie?

When you lie to someone you are literally insulting their intelligence. You think that person is so naive and so gullible that they will believe any old bullshit that you come up with. You should not lie to anyone, but especially not to people who trust and love you. When you lie to those closes to you it hurts them because they have invested their trust in you and you destroy that trust every time you are dishonest with them. If the people who you lied to wanted to be entertained by a fake story they would pick up a book.

Two Spanish scientist at the University of Granada have conducted research that proves that Pinocchio is more than a children’s story.  Their research nicknamed ‘The Pinocchio Effect’ indicated that the temperature of the tip of the nose increases. 

There are many different methods to detect if someone is lying to you, but I will share with you just a  few of  my favorites.

1. The Pinocchio Effect

Two Spanish scientist at the University of Granada have conducted research that proves that Pinocchio is more than a children’s story.  Their research nicknamed ‘The Pinocchio Effect’ indicated that the temperature of the tip of the nose increases. 

2. Body Language 

If you suspect that someone it lying to you, analyze their body language while they are lying to you. Are they nervous? Jittery? Is there body language able to tell you anything? For example, when I lie I rarely look the person in the eyes.

I know, I know! I am telling you not to lie and then admitting that yes I am human and have lied in the past and maybe still lie every now and then.

Anyway when people lie they usually cannot look you in the eyes and their body is a bit tense. They aren’t relaxed or at ease.

3. Nonlinear Story 

Ask them to tell you their story backwards. Since they made the story up as they went along they only know the story in a linear fashion. Later that day or maybe the next day ask specific questions about what happened in a non-linear fashion. So that means ask about something that happened in the middle or towards the end of the story and work your way back to the beginning of the story. See if the potential liar forgot any details or mysteriously changed their story.

4. Call Them Out

Let them know that you spoke to someone else and in what manner their stories differ.

We all know people who could not tell the truth if their life depended on it. Their version of the story simply never aligns with anyone else’s story or the facts.

If you have a liar in your life drop them like a hot potato baby. Why you may ask? Not everyone deserves second chances and especially not a liar. For one they do not respect you and  do not think you are worthy of the truth. If they are willing to lie about something so small and so stupid, what else are they willing to lie about?

Why subject yourself to such a stressful relationship with someone? You never know when they are telling the truth, so you never know what to believe. For all you know you’re entire relationship could be based on a lie.

Go find yourself a new truthful friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, mom, dog, grandma or whatever. I’ll be your new truthful friend!

Go spread the truth!

“You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan


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