K.Michelle’s Still No Fucks Given Mixtape Review

K. Michelle Still No Fucks Given Mixtape

K. Michelle Still No Fucks Given Mixtape

If you haven’t heard K. Michelle’s most recent mixtape Still No Fucks GivenI am not too sure why you are still on my blog and not listening to her mixtape now.

K.Michelle is a reality television star from VH1’s reality hit television show Love & Hip Hop: ATL. K.Michelle has a larger than life  personality  and unapologetically speaks her mind. After making her move to the Big Apple K.Michelle featured on a few episodes of  VH1’s reality hit television show Love & Hip Hop: NY. It has recently been announced that K.Michelle’s own reality television show is in the works.

K.Michelle is a soulful singer from Memphis who is beginning to put her mark on the music industry. She has one solo album released to date titled Rebellious Soul and she is currently on tour opening up for Robin Thicke. On 2/14/14 K.Michelle released her free mixtape Still No Fucks Given, part 2 of her “No Fucks Given” mixtape series hosted by Trendsetter DJ Sense.

The mixtape has 26 pieces with a even mix of  songs and skits. If you did not like Rebellious Soul, like me, then this mixtape is very refreshing with a nice combination of slow, fast, and mid-tempo songs. The mixtape begins with a mid-temp song titled “Realest In the Game”  and ends with a slower paced song titled “Whatever.”

I am not going to detail my opinions on every song, because I strongly encourage you to take a listen for yourself. This mixtape has been wildly successful with 531,386 views, 65,610 streams, 165,487 downloads and a 5 out of 5 star rating on Datpiff.com.

K.Michelle's Still No Fucks Given Song List

K.Michelle’s Still No Fucks Given Song List

K.Michelle has two covers one to Chris Browns Loyal beat and the other to August Alsina’s I Love It beat. She puts a personal spin on both songs to broadcast both a female perspective as well as her personal experiences. I actually heard K. Michelle’s Loyal months prior to hearing Chris Brown’s Loyal and I like her version better than Chris Brown’s.

K.Michelle has a song titled Justin Bieber which is an acapella duet that she sings with her manager. In this 1 minute and 20 second  song K. Michelle invites Justin Bieber to call her in hopes of starting a romantic relationship despite his recent troubles with the law. K. Michelle shares a lot with us on this mixtape and allows us into her world.

There is a song and a skit on the mixtape which compliment each other. In the skit titled Drink Bleach K. Michelle shares a story  on how she became bitter after being stood up on a date by her now famous basketball ex-boyfriend. On the song following the skit she sings about how the ex-boyfriend was only good for his heartbreaks and skills in the bedroom.

The song Summer is a must listen! Summer is a song that every female can relate to. K.Michelle is great at making quality music that every female can relate to. Regarding the album Rebellious Soul,  I believe the record company may have had too much input regarding the creative direction of the album.


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