Random Thoughts From A Writer

Putting pen to paper breathes life into one’s inter-most thoughts and darkest secrets. Allowing the pen to utter words that lips could never form provides one with so much comfort.

Finally a place to be understood.

Writing is where the author feels at one with the page and doesn’t inquire about a minimum word limit because it doesn’t matter. His or her thoughts are limitless because the questions that have been bouncing off of the walls of  his or her head finally have a way to escape: “Why are we here?”

“Why is the world ruled by money?”

“Are Tupac’s killers leading successful lives?”

“Do the good really die young?”

“Why is man so dangerous?”

“Why am I mesmerized with Staceyann Chin?”

 “Why is he kissing me and I don’t even like him?”

 “Do I just have the case of the blues or am I depressed?” 

Why am I such a HUGE Kanye West fan?

 “Where will I be in 5 years?”          

   “What are my skills and talents?”


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts From A Writer

  1. I love writing. I carry multiple pens and notebooks around with me. Unfortunately its a challenge keeping up with all the things that I’m writing. I have to do better. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome! I have the same problem sometimes. My thoughts come to me so quickly that I have problems writing my thoughts as quickly as they are coming. It is a really good practice to carry around pens and notebooks! I need to start doing that. I usually rely on my cellphone.

    • I will! Most people forget that writing is nothing more than practice. To become a great writer you must write and read frequently. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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