My first trip to Coney Island

Saturday October 11th, was the first time in my life that I have ever touched foot on Coney Island‘s soil. As a native Pennsylvanian I have heard a lot about the magic that occurs at Coney Island. Even though yesterday was cold and rainy, I was finally able to understand why New Yorkers along with Hollywood, glorify this part of Brooklyn so much. First, I visited The New York Aquarium which is only about a block away from the beach. The Aquarium was very nice but small. They are still in the process of rebuilding from the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. I felt like a big kid again at Luna Park. I even got a ballon shaped monkey made by a ballon artist! The park closed early due to a lack of attendance, but the manager was more than happy to refund my friends and me our money. The beach was great. I cannot wait to go back on a nicer day.


2 thoughts on “My first trip to Coney Island

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