Elmwood Park Zoo Beast of a Feast: “A Taste of Montco” Review

Elmwood Park Zoo Host Beast of a Feast: “A Taste of Montco”

Elmwood Park Zoo Host Beast of a Feast: “A Taste of Montco”

On Saturday June 20, 2015 at 6:00 PM Elmwood Park Zoo co-hosted the event Beast of a Feast: “A Taste of Montco” with the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board. Beast of a Feast: “A Taste of Montco” featured over 20 restaurants from the local area along with a dj, carousel, a silent auction, live animal greetings, birds of paradise encounters, and the opportunity to hand-feed bison and giraffes. This event was so popular that it sold out!

This event was worth every single penny! I attended this event with my mother and my Uncle Dustin. Even though the event did not start until 6:00 PM the zoo’s parking lot was full by 5:58 PM. The zoo reserves the bottom level of their parking lot for a valet service. Once the top tier of the zoo’s parking lot is full you must pay for your car to be parked by the valet service or park somewhere else. I would suggest arriving to the zoo around 5:30 PM.  The line to enter the zoo was pretty long, but it moved quickly. Upon entering the zoo guest are provided with a map detailing the location of every eatery.

I sampled food from:

Everything was delicious! I ate everything from sicilian style pizza to cranberry and walnut chicken salad to cotton candy water ice. There are various beverage stands around the zoo that served water and  juice which was included in the ticket cost. The zoo also sold alcoholic beverage tickets for $5 a piece. The $5 beverage ticket could be redeemed for wine, a frozen drink or a mixed drink. The zoo also sold mason jar cups and the plastic yard glasses for $10 which could be refilled with alcohol an unlimited number of times. I will definitely be back next year!


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