Top 10 Signs You Are Dating a Law Student

Top 10 Signs You Are Dating A Law Student

This post is completely and unapologetically inspired by my boyfriend. If you are dating a law student you probably hate this time of the semester just as much as I do-FINALS TIME. Finals time is so brutal, because your lover practically … Continue reading

E.l.F Lip Product Review

Dazzling Diamond Glitter Gloss, Cheeky Moisturizing Lipstick, Fuchsia Matte Lipstick, Rich Red Matte Lipstick, Praline Matte Lipstick, Rose Mineral Lip Liner.

Dazzling Diamond Glitter Gloss, Cheeky Moisturizing Lipstick, Fuchsia Matte Lipstick, Rich Red Matte Lipstick, Praline Matte Lipstick, Rose Mineral Lip Liner. (Left to right)

Eyes Lips Face, also known as e.l.f. Cosmetics, is one of my favorite cosmetic lines. Not only are their products pigmented and long lasting they are super affordable. I recently purchased 1 moisturizing lipstick, 1 glitter gloss, 3 matte lipsticks, 1 mineral lip liner and 2 hypershine lip glosses all from their studio line for $21.50. What I also love about e.l.f. is the accuracy of their color swatches.

Below I provide a more in depth description of each lip product.

Glitter Gloss

I absolutely love this gloss. I purchased the color dazzling diamond. I originally brought the gloss to layer over my my matte lipstick to provide a glittery effect, but I love wearing the gloss alone. It is a thick, but non-sticky, shiny and glittery lip gloss. The gloss is hydrating and long lasting. The only con about this gloss is that one half of my precision brush applicator is hard and the other side is soft. This product only cost $3!

Moisturizing Lipstick

This lipstick is enriched with Shea and Vitamins A, C, & E making it extremely moisturizing. It applies evenly and glides on lips smoothly. The color is very pigmented and last for hours. I purchased the color “Cheeky.”  This product only cost $3.

Matte Lipstick

This matte lipstick comes in a jumbo sized crayon with a twist up application. The colors are rich but will need to be reapplied after every drink or meal. I purchased the colors fuchsia, praline and rich red. The only negative comment I have for this product is that my praline matte lipstick broke after its first use. I made it work so I am not too upset, but you definitely get what you pay for.  These lipsticks only cost $3 a piece.

Mineral Lip Liner

I love this lip liner because it has no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. I purchased the color rose. This lip liner blends very well with the rest of the lip sticks that I purchased. With a twist up application it does not require sharpening nor will the point break unexpectedly. This lip liner only cost $1.99

Hypershine Lip Gloss

I will never buy this product again. The colors are very pretty and sheer. I purchased these glosses to layer over my lipsticks. These lip glosses do not apply evenly and they are very very shiny. I thought I was in Little Mama’s “Lip Gloss,” video. These lips glosses only cost $1 a piece.

7 Disrespectful Things Men Say to Women

Merriam-Webster defines the word disrespect as saying or doing something that shows a lack of respect for (someone or something). In other words, when one fails to show respect it is because he or she does not believe that the person he or she is coming in contact with is worthy of their respect.

Disrespect comes in various shapes, sizes, words, and actions. At times it can be difficult to recognize the fact that you are getting disrespected. I am going to fill you in on 7 phrases that men say to women that are actually very disrespectful.

1. When are you going to let me hit?/ I’m trying to take you down.
This is one of, if not the most disrespectful thing that a man could ever say to a woman. It is not okay to ask a woman how long it is going to take until she allows you to have sex with her. It is so degrading, tasteless, rude, and down right thirsty. It makes a man seem as if he cannot possibly take an interest in who she is as a person, because he cannot control his raging hormones and must know how soon they can have sex. I have had various men use this phrase with me via face to face and text message conversations. Because of my previous experiences with this phrase I am lead to believe that men don’t know that this phrase is disrespectful and that women respond to this statement in a positive manner. Ladies this phrase should not be tolerated. If a man asks you this question call him out on his disrespect.

2. Yo Ma! Yo Shawty!
Men this is no way to address a young lady! If you are on one side of the street and she is on the other do not yell at her to get her attention. There is no need to yell, be embarrassing, and act like a fool. This method rarely works, because the girl is so embarrassed  by your actions.  Just a little FYI, women don’t like being yelled at by strangers. Try a different approach like walking up to her and calmly asking her name.

3. You’re cute for a…
This statement is what people like to call a backhanded compliment. A backhanded compliment is a statement that is a combination of an insult and praise. No one likes to get insulted. So men if you find yourself thinking, “She’s cute for a…” stop yourself right there and don’t allow that thought to leave your head.

4. Do you like girls? 
Men just please stop asking this question. Your sexual fantasy of two women in your bed while you watch is never going to come true. SO STOP ASKING THIS QUESTION. Would you believe me if I told you that if the girl you are talking to is gay or bisexual she will let you know prior to any type of sexual activity? BELIEVE IT! That will give you two plenty of time to pick out a girl to invite into your bedroom. Again, STOP ASKING THIS QUESTION.

5. I like your hair better when…
Guess what? It’s not your hair and she will style her hair however she wishes. This statement is disrespectful, because you are forcing her to believe that you find her more beautiful when her hair is in a certain style. She should feel beautiful whenever she is around you not only when her hair is in your favorite hairstyle.

6. When you going to send me some pictures?
I am almost 100% sure that every young lady between the ages of 14-26 has been asked this question before. Men do not ask this question, because it is an automatic turnoff. Again you make yourself seem as though you have no control of your raging hormones and that you only have a physical attraction to the girl. A girl wants to be with a guy who likes her for who she is, not just for what she looks like or what he thinks she can do in the bedroom. Guys I am going to give you a tip, if you really want to see pictures of a girl just ask for her Instagram handle. The only bad thing about the tip I just gave you is girls know what a man is doing when he only asks for her Instagram handle. He wants to see some pictures and doesn’t want you to be exposed to whatever is on his Facebook or Twitter.

7. What does your man have to do with me?
I have had a boy tell me that my boyfriend had nothing to do with the relationship that he was seeking to begin with me. Men if she is telling you that she has a boyfriend it is because she wants nothing to do with you. It is irrational to get upset or try to pursue a honest female who is in a committed relationship. When making this statement you make your lack of morals obvious. You come off as dishonest, lonely, lame and need I say disrespectful.

Dear You

Dear You,

How are you? I hope this letter finds you well. People ask me about you frequently. I tell them that you are doing fine and that you are the proud owner of a beautiful blue BMW. Even though we don’t talk your instagram and twitter tell me everything that I wish to know. I would be lying if I said I missed you, because I don’t. I don’t even yearn to have that one last conversation for “closure.”

I can say with confidence that I never thought I would see the day that we grew apart. Remember those days where when people saw you they saw me and we were never more than 50 feet away from each other? If the sentence began with Ariana it ended with you and vice versa? The days we had to defend our friendship to all of Renaissance Academy because of course we were fucking since there is no way in hell a boy and a girl can be just friends. Or how about when your girlfriends would get jealous over our friendship because they knew deep down inside you would always choose me over them? It’s funny, because I really liked some of them. Or when other girls used to call you bestie? Hahaha I don’t even want to get into that because we both knew what it was. Or how about when I cried because people said I was ugly? You were there for me. Or what about those late night conversations when we would discuss our future? Who knew I would end up in New York and you, Virginia? Or how about when I got my first boyfriend and I couldn’t wait to hear your opinion?

I thought this shit would never end. Besties for life we used to say again and again. August 28,2008. What you thought I would forget? You changed my life forever and I still consider you my friend. I’m tearing up while I write so I guess I miss you just a little bit. You taught me the meaning of friendship, compassion, forgiveness, and loyalty.

Time changes things sometimes for the worst and for the better. I’m still a Kanye fan and his music can’t get any better! I haven’t changed too much but you should be able to tell that if you are reading this letter. Even though we don’t talk just know I’m never far. So Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year because we both always forget to call. I’m sorry for publishing this letter online. Just let me know if you like me to take it down. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get more personal with my readers so they can truly get a sense of who I am. Keep working hard. Trust the timing of your life. The world is yours.

P.S. Your girlfriend is beyond gorgeous!



Random thoughts from a writer

I don’t fiddle with mics but I spill my heart onto the page

I hope my words penetrate your soul and plant the seeds of inspiration

Because I am just like you

I want to grow up and fulfill all of my dreams just like you

I want to reach my maximum potential too

I want to work hard just like you

I want my people to love me just like you

I’ll see you at the top because I want to change lives too


This was completely inspired by the rappers J.Cole and Kanye West.

P is for Prepared

Be active.

Be alert.

Be aware.

Be brave.

Be bold.

Be careful.

Be c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e.

Be consistent.

Be controversial.

Be courageous.

Be edgy.

Be e   ve   ry where.

Be free.

Be grateful.

Be h-a-p-p-y.

Be harmonious.

Be helpful.

Be honest.

Be legendary.

Be loud.

Be loving.

Be loyal.

Be original.

B e p a t i e n t.


Be real.

Be r;i>s?k/y.

Be sincere.

Be strong.

Be true.

Be visible.


Be You.

To the Realest

“First thing’s first, I’m the realest.”– Igloo Australia (Iggy Azalea)

I simply couldn’t resist from using one of Igloo Australia’s lyrics as an opening line. It was just too appropriate, but please know that I am well aware of  the reasons why many do not support her rap career.


To the Realest,

Whether you are a new subscriber and/or follower or have been rocking with me since 2013, thank you so much for reading.  It means the world to me that you take the time to read my words as I am perfecting my craft.

Have you ever wanted to sit and have a conversation with someone, but felt like you had no one to turn to? Ever want to vent about your whole life to a stranger, then get up and walk away?

If you answered yes to the two questions listed above, then my advice blog is for you. This year I promise to share more of my personal life with you all. My goal is for all adolescent and young adults to gain genuine advice and knowledge that are applicable to their personal lives. How am I going to do that if I do not keep you all well informed of my trails, triumphs, and thoughts? I cannot wait  for you all to read some of my new content. Make use of my contact page! Let me know what you like and don’t like. I’m always open for suggestions, improvements, and constructive criticism.

I am a 20-year-old senior in college. I am a journalism major. Hablo un poco de español. I am the president of an organization at my University. I love Kanye Omari West. I am the product of a single parent household. I use to think no else shared my life experiences. My story is yours. Let’s talk the real talk.

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Meme of the week: Blessings

You're somebody's blessing...

You’re somebody’s blessing…

I have to remind myself this everyday. I love you momma.

Random Thoughts From A Writer

Putting pen to paper breathes life into one’s inter-most thoughts and darkest secrets. Allowing the pen to utter words that lips could never form provides one with so much comfort.

Finally a place to be understood.

Writing is where the author feels at one with the page and doesn’t inquire about a minimum word limit because it doesn’t matter. His or her thoughts are limitless because the questions that have been bouncing off of the walls of  his or her head finally have a way to escape: “Why are we here?”

“Why is the world ruled by money?”

“Are Tupac’s killers leading successful lives?”

“Do the good really die young?”

“Why is man so dangerous?”

“Why am I mesmerized with Staceyann Chin?”

 “Why is he kissing me and I don’t even like him?”

 “Do I just have the case of the blues or am I depressed?” 

Why am I such a HUGE Kanye West fan?

 “Where will I be in 5 years?”          

   “What are my skills and talents?”